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Welcome to the Basement Scene. Our intentions here are to encourage the growth of the basement scene nation wide. The task is only as difficult as the number of followers there are supporting it. This is a community where you can post shows, ask people for shows if your in a band, get help setting up shows. There's open discussion on any fucking thing you want to talk about.

3 Simple Rules:
No Racism
No Sexism
No Homophobic remarks

Application(just for the sake of an application, try to answer the shit that matters)

single/spoken fer:

Good Music:
Good Book(s):
Good Movie(s):
Two bands you would add to the communities interest:

How do you feel about(do at least 3)?
Sex before marriage:
Pro life, or Pro deathmetal:

At least 4 Pictures of your ugly mug (you grizzled fuck)

(and be sure to LJ cut the shit <*lj-cut*> all text <*/lj-cut*> no "*"")

When you get in you'll get this.

However, you could get this...

(trust me, you wont have to worry about not getting accepted. This is all a front. Let's see who reads.)
a life once lost, against me, amanda woodward, american nightmare, aphex twin, as the sun sets, bad brains, bane, bear vs. shark, blackcross, blood for blood, blood has been shed, breather resist, bright eyes, buried alive, burnt by the sun, bury your dead, cattle decapitation, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, comeback kid, converge, cursive, darkest hour, daughters, dead to fall, dillinger escape plan, do make say think, drowningman, earthcrisis, ed gein, ensign, envy, every time i die, explosions in the sky, fc five, fight our way out, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, funeral diner, funeral for a friend, give up the ghost, gwar, hopesfall, hotcross, isis, jerome's dream, judge, kaospilot, killswitch engage, lack, llynch, lords, love is red, majority rule, mannequin, melt banana, mewithoutyou, mogwai, mum, neil perry, nora, norma jean, off minor, old man gloom, olivers army, orchid, panthers, pg. 99, pig destroyer, q and not u, refused, remember van gogh, remembering never, right brigade, saved by grace, saves the day, sex positions, shai hulud, sick of it all, sinking steps... rising eyes, skycamefalling, some girls, sons of abraham, stop it!!, strife, suicide note, taking back sunday, terror, the banner, the black dahlia murder, the brigade, the hope conspiracy, the locust, the oliver twist, the promise, the red chord, the shampoo, this ship will sink, throwdown, transistor transistor, underoath, unearthed, with honor, wolves, yage, yaphet kotto, you and i, yuriko